Thursday, August 19, 2010

Veggie Month

You might notice from my previous posts or my previous recipes that we've been using the same ingredients (carrots, onions, green beans, shiitake mushroom, red bell pepper). Actually, we've been doing it for almost one month. Yes, one month eating ramen, chapchae and asian salad. Just splendid. I am loving it!

I am a big fan of eating vegetables and soba. Not because I'm on a diet but I love it because I enjoy it's taste and it's crispiness!  Honestly, I really like Asian cuisine; it is loaded with vegetables and Asian cuisine always brings out the natural flavor from it's ingredients. Specially, Japanese and Korean foods. Enough explanation, why I survived one month eating ramen and chapchae. (The only meat I eat: fish, beef and chicken)

Remember: You can eat whatever you want. Just eat like the French and the Japanese. Enjoy / appreciate your food. Have a healthy and active lifestyle. :D

NOTE: We’re not on a diet, we’re just saving money! It’s pretty good though, it has lots of benefits. We can save money and we can also stay healthy at the same time.

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