Saturday, November 26, 2011

Big Guys! Pizza

Restaurant: Big Guys! Pizza
Price Range: Php. 200.00 - 1,700.00 

12 November 2011

Had my pre-birthday celebration with my husband, brother, sister in law and auntie. We decided to have some beer and pizza while waiting for the clock to strike 12. We all love pizza and we like trying out new things, so my brother suggested Big Guys Pizza because it's near our place and it's new.

So we ordered around 6:00pm and we received our pizza after 40 or 50 minutes! We already finished our dinner and we called them several times, they keep on giving us the same reason "It's on its way". Btw, our place is only somewhere in Mabini and Big Guy's Pizza is located near Eastwood (but not exactly inside Eastwood).

When our pizza arrived the delivery guy told us that he got lost and he has no idea how to reach our location. He even told us that he was new or just got transferred to Libis branch. I paid 598php for the 20" All Meat pizza that we ordered, signed the receipt and the delivery guy left.

As expected, the pizza was already cold and soggy. Obviously, we didn't enjoyed our pizza. 598php is a bit pricey and I assume that they just used regular cheese because it's not that tasty. Their dough was a bit greasy (which I really hate) and soggy, it even breaks easily.  The presentation is not that appetizing as well.

I will never order from Big Guys! Pizza again. I was really disappointed.


lipadyosalipad said...

I ordered Big Guy's Pizza recently and the pizza was so late. I called the branch (Visayas Ave) where I ordered from to ask why, sabi nila the delivery guy left at 3:10 PM. My order was supposed to be delivered by 3PM. Grabe. I've ordered before, maraming beses na nga, on time naman sila. You should've asked for a refund!

Adrianne said...

Hi lipadyosalipad! Mag ask sana ako ng discount or something right after I signed the receipt, but the delivery guy left us right away after giving him the receipt. So there, di nalang ako nag complain because it was my birthday and ayaw ko naman masira ang gabi. XD


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