Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hawkers St. Asian Street Food

Fastfood: Hawkers St. Asian Street Food
Price Range: Php. 50.00 to 140

Hawkers St. is located at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall's food court. I am pretty sure that you are wondering where to find this fast food chain that I am talking about (If you're not from Cainta and Pasig). Anyway, here's a short review about Hawkers St.  For me, Hawkers St. is one of the "unusual" fast food chains in Sta. Lucia's food court because Hawkers St. has a wide variety of Southeast Asian foods (like Nasi Goreng and Kuay Teow) in a very low price (Price range: Php. 50 - 140). So if you are a fast food goer and you want to try something new, then try Hawkers St. and excite your taste buds.

 Hawkers St. Binagoongan Rice with Adobo sa Gata

This is the only meal that I like from their menu. The pork was really soft and tasty. As expected, any dish cooked with gata or coconut milk is guaranteed delicious. (Comes with free drink and soup)  x3

Hawkers St. Kuay Teow

Hawkers St. Mee Goreng 

We also tried some of their stir fried noodle dishes. Each noodle dish is topped with two sticks of chicken satay or grilled chicken. Their chicken satay was good and it was cooked nicely, but their noodles was too salty and I can't even tell the difference between their Kuay Teow and Mee Goreng. Anyway, these things were already expected because it was cheap and it's fast food. 

Sorry for the crappy review because we're not really into fast foods ._.

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Chad Senga said...

I miss this place. Too bad nagsara na siya. >.<


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