Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soya Bar

Fastfood: Soya Bar
Budget: Php. 100 - 150

Soya Bar is one of our most visited food places, since they have a branch at Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. We often go there for breakfast or snack because their prices are budget friendly. Aside from that their menu is geared towards a healthy lifestyle. 

They mostly have soy products on their menu, but they also have items like beef tapa, tuna and other non-soy products.

Beef Tapa Sandwich (Php. 89.00) - This is one of the reasons why we keep coming back. My husband orders this every time we're there.They are quite generous in their tapa servings with its sweet and salty sauce, and it goes so well with the scrambled egg, and fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomato, and buttered toast. It's a very messy sandwich to eat, but it's worth it. Probably one of the best sandwiches that we've tried. 

Tuna Sandwich (Php. 70+) - If you're health conscious and looking for something light, then this is for you.  It's loaded with cheese and tuna with fresh veggies.

Chicken Sandwich (Php. 70+) - Lean chicken meat with chopped onions and tomatoes. It's delicious but not very heavy.

Soy Coffee (Php. 50+)  

Tahocinno - Not sure if they used brewed or soy coffee, but basically it's taho floating in a shot of coffee

Soy Nachos (Php. 109.00) - I guess it's supposed to be a healthier alternative to regular corn chips. Not really as tasty, but the toppings were okay.  

They also have set meals, but we haven't tried it yet. I'll try to update and posts pictures next time.

I really would recommend Soya Bar for snacks and quick dessert. They offer good value for your money because of their healthy but tasty options. 

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