Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally, I have a personal blog!

Hello everyone! I would like to inform you that I have successfully created a new blog. Momo and Chieko's: Rambled Archives this is not just a personal blog. (Momo is my cat's name.) I will also post some random thoughts, random interests I have like music, photos, cats, some science, food, trivia and facts! Anything that will catch my attention.  Feel free to drop by and leave a comments or suggestions. My apologies, I just started this blog today so the blog is not that updated yet. As of now I have 2 posts. I am still working on my articles. Thank you so much everyone!

*NOTE: This entry doesn't mean that I am going to close this blog. THIS BLOG WILL REMAIN ACTIVE. I will keep on posting food, recipes, diets and health trivia. This blog is exclusively  for FOOD AND HEALTH STUFF. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend.

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