Thursday, January 06, 2011


Our shopping cart is loaded with fruits!
I know a lot of people are now on a "strict" diet, because they ate a lot during the holidays. I ate a lot too! So, now, Kuni and I are on a detox diet, when I say diet it doesn't mean that I am going to starve myself to death! We all need to eat, like I said on my previous entries "you can enjoy eating without getting fat." all you need to do is "watch your portions and learn how to appreciate your food." (Just like the Japanese and French people do.) 

The reason why we are on a detox diet; we ate a lot of meat, especially that sinfully delicious pork! *gulps* We are now eating lots of fruits and vegetables, with a little pieces of meat to taste. Need more fiber! We will be on a detox diet for 2 to 3 weeks.

Then suddenly, I remember that I posted here our version of Korean Bibimbap.  We are planning to make some next week... This means we are also going to buy my favorite gochujang! (fermented red pepper paste) Bibimbap is really good with gochujang, if you love spicy foods, you will definitely love this! :D

Our all vegetable and noodle bibimbap without egg.


Tom Rompella said...

let me know how that goes

Tom Rompella said...

Let me know how that goes


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