Thursday, March 31, 2011

Asian Home Gourmet: Pad Kraphao (Spicy Basil Stir Fry)

Pad Kraphao is a spicy Thai dish. This is now one of the Asian dishes that I like. (Sorry guys but I really like spicy foods.) It's extremely spicy, it's loaded with vegetables, and it's really addicting. I can't even stop myself from eating this Thai dish! I will definitely ask Kuni to buy this again and will  also try more products from Asian Home Gourmet.

I can't even believe that this spicy paste has no added MSG (or mono sodium glutamate) and has no artificial colors as well... The price range is from 70-90php, good deal right? It's healthy and cheap!

If you don't know how to cook, don't worry, there are instructions and ingredients needed listed at the back. It's quick and easy to follow! AND if you don't like eating spicy foods, there is a wide variety of  Asian flavours and tastes that you can choose from. There will be no excuses for you to avoid veggies! Thank you Asian Home Gourmet for making this possible.

Will edit and continue this review later... Busy busy busy @____@

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