Monday, March 14, 2011

Impressca Salad Bar

Restaurant: Impressca Salad Bar
Price Range: Php. 99.00 to 200.00

Oh hello everyone! I would like to share this interesting restaurant that Kuni and I just discovered last October 2010. A bit late, y'all know that I am quite occupied with work stuff. XD

Anyway, let's start this quick Impressca review... If you are a health conscious, but can't afford expensive healthy foods, then I think you're gonna like Impressca. They have this "salad all you can" (all you can eat salad) for only PHP99.00

A quick reminder, this is not a salad buffet. All you need to do is to fill your plate with salad, as many as you want! (Sounds like Wendy's!) Don't worry, the veggies are all fresh and crunchy!

Tadah~ Marble potatoes will help you feel full. :D
Loaded with fresh greens, two choices of salad dressings, and some diced jellos.
If you're not a veggie person... I know lots of people who are health conscious, but can't survive without eating meat! Don't worry! There is an option for you.

We all know that brown rice is better than white rice, it's healthy and it's loaded with nutrients. Brown rice will also make you feel full. Herbed chicken was also good, the taste is just like Adobong Manok (Chicken in vinegar sauce) with yummy marble potatoes. The price is around 120 to 130php (I'm sorry I already forgot the exact price of this meal XD)

Herbed Chicken and Brown Rice

Feeling thirsty? Try their healthy fruit shakes! It's really good. Sorry guys, but I really love mangoes, so I can't say no to this one. XP

Anyway, if you want to visit them in SM Cubao (CyberZone). Open 9am to 10pm.

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