Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breaded Fish Parade

This was our dish last month. Too fatty? Too much calories? Cut the crap! I don't really believe in any of those! I can even call this a healthy and balanced diet. Why? Because our dish is complete (protein, fiber, and carbs) and it is loaded with vegetables! So, if you are craving for some deep fried food (such as chicken, seafood, etc etc.) you can also try these yummy stuff that we paired with our deep fried breaded fish! (Cream Dory)

Here we go~

Breaded Fish Meal #1: Red rice (mixed with leftover white rice), steamed tomato, kimchi, shredded cabbage, and what else? Breaded fish! :p

Breaded Fish Meal #2: My favourite! Potato wedges, fresh tomatoes, shredded cabbage with kimchi sauce, and the never ending breaded fish! X3

Too much for you? Then try this!
Breaded Fish Meal #3: Half cup red rice, 3 slices of cucumber, some shredded cabbage, and breaded fish!

Lastly, I will post a snack that you all know... And a perfect match for beer!!

Fish and Chips! (Potato Wedges) A match made in heaven *drools again*

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