Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bon Chon Chicken

Fast Food: Bon Chon Chicken (SM Megamall)
Price Range: Php. 200.00/meal

Most of my friends told me that I should try Bon Chon's double fried chicken and most food blogs that I've read also said that Bon Chon has the best fried chicken in town, so my husband and I gave it a try last year. Here's my review of Bon Chon Chicken (Sorry for the very late post XD)

What makes Bon Chon's fried chicken unique? Bon Chon Chicken is double fried and it is coated with their special chili sauce or soy based sauce. (Sounds like Manang's Chicken, right?) This is why they're one of the most popular fast food chains in America and South Korea. Some also call it "Korean-style Fried Chicken" because Bon Chon's recipe and cooking method is originally from South Korea.

Going back to my review, I ordered the "Chops Ricebox" for Php. 145.00. It had two pieces of crispy fried chicken and one cup/serving of rice. I assumed that I would be getting big portions because a lot of reviews that I've read said that the "Chops Ricebox" has two big cuts/portions of fried chicken. As you can see in the picture below, what I got was two small parts and I'm a bit disappointed about it.

The meal that I ordered looked pale and small (which is a bit unappetizing) compared to what I saw on other blogs and reviews that I've read. If it was just by chance, then good because I might give it another try, but I am not quite sure when because I already know the taste and I'm afraid I might encounter something like this again.

If their serving portions are like that, then Bon Chon Chicken is quite pricey. It's as if you are just paying for the brand name. Aside from this, Bon Chon is an international company, not a local fast food chain, so expect it to be pricey! (If you're a budget conscious type of person)

On the brighter side of the story, Bon Chon's double fried chicken was really good and tasty. The skin was addictive because it was very crunchy and the glaze was surprisingly spicy, which is good because I like eating spicy food. For people who don't like spicy food, there is no need to worry because you can choose from two flavors which are soy garlic glaze and hot and spicy sauce. Aside from that, Bon Chon's fried chicken is not as greasy as a run-of-the-mill fried chicken. You'll enjoy it munching on it, especially if you like eating chicken using your hands! (As my mum used to tell me.)

Since Bon Chon's is Korean, their menu includes some Korean meals like Bulgogi (Korean Marinated Beef) and Chapchae (Sweet Potato Noodles or Korean Glass Noodles). They also have fusion salad or sides like Kimchi coleslaw which sounds appealing and interesting, but I'd rather go to an authentic Korean restaurant to try stuff like this.

Before I forget, they also serve beer, both local and international beer! They have Stella Artois (my favorite) and Hoegaarden, but as expected, these are quite pricey, and might even be a bit cheaper at The Distillery.

Anyway, Bon Chon's fried chicken tastes good, but it is, in my opinion, pretty expensive considering the serving size that I have experienced and there's really nothing unusual in their menu.

Sorry Bon Chon fans if you find this offensive XD

Visit them at:
UG/F SM Megamall, Bldg. A, Doña Julia Vargas Ave. 
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

For more information (or to find a branch near your area)
Visit their page: 


Mike said...

Thanks for sharing your honest experience.
I was talking to one of my friends earlier today about which fried chicken we'd like to get for lunch next time - and he said we should definitely give Bon Chon's a try.

Adrianne Chieko said...

Hi Mike! Sorry for the late response. Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy! :D


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