Thursday, March 01, 2012

Buffalo's Wings n' Things - Solaris One, Makati

Restaurant: Buffalo's Wings n' Things
Budget: Php. 250.00 - 300.00

Last Tuesday my husband and I went to Makati to explore this city by walking aimlessly. It took us 2 or 3 hours walking around, and then we suddenly felt like eating something before heading home, so we continued walking around the city while looking for a good place to chill and to have some snacks. By the way, I think it was around 11:00pm when we started to feel hungry, so most of the stores were already closed that time.

As usual we like something different, something we haven't tried yet and something that wouldn't break our  wallets. We stumbled upon Buffalo's Wings n' Things somewhere in Legaspi Village

Since some of our friends have already tried eating at Buffalo's Wings n' Things and they even recommended this restaurant to us, we gave it a try. Aside from that, we also like eating spicy food, including buffalo wings.

Buffalo's Wings n' Things' place was really neat, organized and cozy. The staff was also polite and friendly. They welcomed us with smiles on their faces. They helped us find a seat and introduced themselves to us in a really friendly way, but blame my short memory, I already forgot their names. They asked us if it was our first time dining at Buffalo's because we were so confused on what to order, so they introduced their menu and their best selling dishes. That really helped us on what to order. We ended up ordering the restaurant's specialty dish which is their spicy buffalo wings.

Here's their menu:

I wanted to try their freshly cooked nacho chips because it sounds interesting and appealing, especially that "Nachos with Jalapeno Cheese Sauce" and "Chili N' Cheese Nachos", but eating nacho chips with buffalo wings was a bit overkill, we ordered a basket of fries for only Php.99.00. We'll just try Buffalo's nachos next time.

I was really surprised with the prices because everything was quite affordable, though at first I thought that the serving size or the portions will be small just like most restaurants and fast foods, but thankfully I was wrong. While not exactly what you'd expect from something like Friday's, the portions were just right and it looked quite appetizing too.

Warning: We're quite used to the spiciness of Korean food.

What caught my attention on their menu was the restaurant's signature buffalo wing sauces which had 5 levels of spiciness, so if you like eating spicy food like us, then I am pretty sure that you'll also be interested with Buffalo's "Nuclear" and "Armageddon" sauces. You will enjoy levels 4 (Nuclear) and level 5 (Armageddon) if you are the type of person who doesn't shy away from Tabasco, Sriracha, Red Chili (Siling Labuyo) and Gochujang. As you can see on the picture below, there are also options for those who don't like eating spicy food.

We ordered 1/2 pound of chicken wings with their "Nuclear" sauce for Php. 134.00 without fries and sides or dip. 

1/2 Pound Chicken wings in "Nuclear" sauce (Php.134.00)

Since we weren't really looking for anything hefty, the 5 pieces of wings were enough for the two of us to snack on. The buffalo wings that we have ordered were perfect! The wings were smothered in their special sauce, but  was still crunchy. The sauce was really spicy, but not the kind that would burn or irritate your mouth. You can really taste the heat as you eat through the chicken, but since the sauce isn't oily the spiciness only stays in your mouth and does not linger in your throat.     

Basket of Fries (Php. 99.00)

Since they don't have rice on their menu and we weren't also in the mood to eat rice, we just had the basket of fries for only Php.99.00. I think Buffalo's fries is now one of the best fries that I've had, next to Wursty Wursty's. The fries was really crunchy, a bit buttery and lightly salted. Aside from that, the fries were also not that greasy or oily. Buffalo's Basket of Fries is good for 1 to 2 persons, roughly as much as McDonald's large fries, but way better of course. 

We also had a bottle of ice cold beer which went perfectly with the spicy buffalo wings! What a nice meal and drink to wrap up our long and tiring but fun day.

While we were eating, Rose, the manager (I think) went to our table, to welcome us and she even introduced herself. She checked up on us and asked if we were enjoying our meal that were having. Well we did so we said that it was good and yummy. 

After getting buffaloed, the waitress cleaned up the table and suggested that we try their "NY Cheesecake Ice Cream". Since we were looking for something to finish of the meal, we also gave it a try.

NY Cheesecake Ice Cream (Php. 84.00)

Buffalo's NY Cheesecake Ice Cream has a big scoop of cheesecake flavored ice cream dusted with crushed sweet graham crackers and topped with whipped cream with blueberry syrup.

The ice cream was good and was even more addicting because of the crushed grahams. (I love graham!) Well as you can see, this is definitely not something for anyone on a diet, and it's not hard to imagine  expect how good ice cream, whipped cream and blueberry syrup will taste like, but it was just the perfect thing to put out the fire after those wings. We only ordered one ice cream since my husband isn't really one for sweets, and we're used to sharing desserts like this.

We were actually surprised because Ms. Rose came back with 2 cups of NY Cheesecake Ice Cream, with the other one for free because we were first timers. We were like "Wow! This is awesome!". 

By the way, here's our receipt:  

We spent less than Php. 500.00, and our tummies and taste buds were both satisfied. All in all, I like Buffalo's Wings n' Things and I recommend this restaurant, definitely a must try. The price was just right for the quality of the food and the ambiance. The staff was also active, friendly and pleasing, even during late hours. The place was neat and organized.

Thank you Ms. Rose! We had a great experience dining in Buffalo's Wings n' Things (Solaris One, Makati) Of course, we'll be coming back for more! :3

You can visit them at:
Solaris One Bldg. Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village
Makati City, Metro Manila
(They also have a branch in Home Depot, Ortigas)

For more information you can contact them at:
(02) 552-1103

Visit and like their Facebook page!

**Sorry for not updating this blog for two weeks because I was busy accompanying our guest/friend from Australia. Anyway, we've been through a lot of restaurants during his stay here in the Philippines, so now I have tons of restaurants and food reviews to make. Something to look forward to XD


eunice said...

recently visited another branch of this restaurant haha :))

The Drunken Pig said...

Perfect beer partner! I gotta try Armageddon on my next trek to Julia Vargas :) Cool blog!

The Drunken Pig said...

The perfect beer match! Me and my friends loves to hangout at this place after work :)

Adrianne Chieko said...

Thank you, The Drunken Pig :)


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