Monday, April 29, 2013

Si Christina Gateau Sans Rival

Restaurant: Si Christina Gateau Sans Rival
Budget: Php. 150 - 250

Kuni is from San Pablo, Laguna, so we usually go there when we have the time during the weekends. We discovered this cute and cozy cafe call Si Christina sometime last year so you can call this a bit of a late review. Now there are a number of food bloggers that have already written about them and they even got mentioned on Yahoo!.

Anyway, we really like this place because the meals they offer are really tasty and reasonably priced. This is one of the restaurants that we visit often every time we are in San Pablo.

Here are the meals that we have tried:

Gateau Sans Rival

This is supposed to be their specialty. We tried a slice of this with cappuccino on our first visit (sorry no pictures). I really can't recall how it tasted but Kuni said that it was just second best to all of the sans rivals that he has tried, the best one being a custom made cake baked by family friend in San Pablo.

Si Christina's sans rival is nevertheless nice. The butter they use is light and creamy, and the meringue or dacquoise? was chewy, but was not that soft, not also as hard as Goldilock's. The texture was just right or at least how Kuni likes it (Kuni is a big fan of sans rival XD)

Fruit Smoothies:

If you want something refreshing and something healthy, then try their fruit smoothies. It'll make your tummy feel good, especially if you have hangover, trust me. XD


Their salads are one of the dishes that I usually order (since I like eating veggies). Their salads have always been fresh every time we order, and is quite affordable since it can be shared by 2-4 people :D

Shepherd's Pie:

Loaded with ground beef and veggies, topped with creamy mashed potatoes :3

Clubhouse Sandwich:

Their sandwiches have a good ratio of bread to filling. Aside from that, it can be shared by 2 light eaters as a snack. It is enough to satisfy your tummy and cravings as well. For those who love bacon, you will like this!


They have different kinds of pastas and sauces. I've tried their chicken stroganoff pasta; it's light but very tasty. Most of their pastas are just the usual, but are ok if you like eating comfort food.

I think that prices are ok considering that all of their meals and dishes are quite tasty and well prepared. They are also one of the very few places in San Pablo where you can get good food along with a nice ambiance, which is why we visit often.

Check out Si Christina's page on Facebook! 

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