Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vikings: A Feast from the Sea

Buffet/Restaurant: Vikings Luxury Buffet
Price Range: Php. 688 - 1,088 

My hubby and I went to Vikings to celebrate my birthday last November 2012. We arrived around 5:00 pm and there were people lined up already. Their staff gave us a proper welcome, complete with introductions. They were quite organized and made a good first impression. The queue of diners were assisted to their tables in just a few minutes.

Vikings is probably one of the best restaurants that I've ever been to. The high ceiling and good lighting made food photography easier and more enjoyable. See photos below XD

Shrimp Ceviche

My hubby went for the appetizers first: salmon carpaccio, duck liver pate, smoked mussels, smoked feta cheese and Chinese herbal soup. He also got the shrimp ceviche shooters, which he thought was perfect since he loves sour foods.

Salmon Carpaccio

Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup

I had chawanmushi and salmon sashimi for appetizer.


I saw this in the dimsum and soup section. It was a bit odd because it tasted like a light Japanese soup, but with a custard-like consistency. According to Wikipedia, chawanmushi is a Japanese savory egg custard dish. This is probably one of the best dishes I've had at Vikings.

Sushi & Maki

If you like salmon sashimi like I do, then I am pretty sure that you will enjoy Vikings' sashimi. Very fresh and milky (as usual).

The Grilling Station
If you like it grilled, then this is the station for you. They virtually have everything; chicken, fish, pork and beef, which really goes well with ice cold beer (but we didn't have beer). :p

Salad Bar
Here you can create your own salad or have their ready made salads like the Russian or Olivier salad, Waldorf salad and pomelo salad.

Salad Bar

This is one of my favorite sections of Vikings, they have sodas, fruit juices, cold coffee, cold milo, hot oolong tea, coffee, BEER and SAKE! Unlimited booze? Why not? Oh by the way, they also have wine, but for an extra fee.


Desserts and Fruits
Viking's has a very wide variety of desserts to choose from. They have Filipino favorite desserts such as biko, taho and halo-halo. They also have chocolate fondue, cakes, crepes, frozen yogurt and fruits.

Chocolate and Strawberry Fondue

We were not able to sample most of the desserts, just a bit of crepe with orange marmalade, frozen yoghurt, and a couple of small bars and cakes which we could not remember . Maybe next time? XD

We spent approximately Php. 940.00, since they have this birthday promo where the celebrant eats for free! (Don't forget to bring one valid ID!) They even gave me a small chocolate cake.

Vikings is one of the best buffet restaurants that we have visited. I will definitely go back there :3

Anyway, I'll be writing shorter reviews in the future since my work keeps me busy all the time! XD

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