Sunday, May 11, 2014

Go! Salads - Eastwood

Fastfood: Go! Salads
Budget: Php. 100 - 200

Wild Wild West Salad & Hummingbird Smoothie

Everything is pricey especially if it's fresh and organic. I like salads and my meal isn't complete without it, so it was really hard for me to maintain my diet because my work is in Eastwood where almost everything is expensive. Until I discovered Go! Salads in Robinsons Eastwood. (Good thing I checked that leaflet left by my colleauge on my desk :p)

These are some of Go! Salads stuff I often order:

Wild Wild West Salad (Php. 100) - (See photo above)  This is one of my favorite salads. It is loaded with lettuce, chunks of buffalo chicken, shredded carrots, and comes along with herb ranch dressing. I can eat it without rice :3

Hummingbird (Green Smoothie) Php. 100 - (See photo above) - Drink your veggies! Here's another way to enjoy your veggies. It has cinnamon, banana, pineapple, flax seeds, nutmeg, coco sugar, greens, and coconut water. I don't know if it's just me or the smoothie, but whenever I drink their smoothies I feel clean and I feel full right away.

Darling Breakfast Salad & Vanilla Lemongrass Drink

Darling Breakfast (Php. 100) - If you like something sweet, then you should try this! It has tomatoes, ground chicken longganisa, and tomato honey vinaigrette

Vanilla Lemongrass (Regular: Php. 35/Large: Php. 40) - If you're sick and tired of drinking iced tea, then you should try this. This drink really goes well with their sun dried tomato hummus with pita bread :3

Fisherman's Salad

Fisherman's Salad (Php. 100) - Crunchy sliced cucumber and tuna flakes. It really goes well with their wasabi mayo dressing.

Pita with Garlic Hummus & Peppermint Lemon Balm 

Garlic Hummus with Pita (Php. 50) - One of the snacks that I always order. This is like a meal for me; their wheat pita bread really fills up my tummy and their garlic hummus is really addicting! 

Peppermint Lemon Balm (Regular: Php. 35/Large: Php. 40) - A refreshing drink! Beat the heat with this! #betterthanicedtea :p

Swiss Meusli (Php. 55) - (No picture) Another item from Go! Salads that I really like. It is full of nuts (especially walnuts!). What I also like about it, it also helps in milk production, so the more I eat, the more milk I can produce for my little one. Snack without the guilt! 

I am really glad they have something like this in Eastwood. It gives opportunity to people who likes to eat heathy, be healthy and be fit without hurting your budget. I just hope that they would not change te prices. (Which concerns me a lot because they are in Eastwood)

So if you are interested or if you want to try, just visit them at the 2nd Floor of Techno Plaza 2 (beside Decs) and here's Go! Salads' Facebook page

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