Friday, June 06, 2014

BobbyBox - A Quick Review

This is just a quick review, just to show my love for this new shop opened last Monday in Eastwood. Full review coming up! (After I try everything on their menu :p)

I love Korean food, so naturally I was eager to try Bobby Box (Casual Korean Food). I thought their name was cute so I really had to try it!

Chicken Box - Spicy (Php. 119) - The box is loaded with steamy hot rice (almost two cups for me), topped with shredded cabbage, crispy chicken chunks in Korean hot sauce and drizzled with small nori strips (seaweed). It's a full meal for me, so I think the price is just right.

Chicken Wrap - Spicy (Php. 79) - Got this wrap for free! So thank you so much BobbyBox for giving me that free wrap stub and for giving me the chance to try this. Now I want more! The size is just right (about the size of my hand), it might be small for others, but this yummy wrap is a complete meal as well; it has rice!

Bobby Fry (Php. 129) - I think this would go really well with beer. It is not your ordinary snack box! It is actually pretty heavy for a snack, it has fried Korean rice cakes topped with beef strips (used for Bulgogi Box), kimchi, and french fries.

The owner (I forgot to ask for her name, sorry!) is really friendly, she even remembers my name, same goes with the crew. They're all friendly!

That would be all for now! I should bring my camera next time for better picture quality XD

By the way here's BobbyBox' Facebook page!

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