Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chef d' Angelo - Eat All You Can

Restaurant: Chef d' Angelo
Price Range: Eat All You Can (Php. 150.00 per head without drinks)

Want to eat unlimited pizza, pasta, salad, and soup for only 150php? Just visit Chef d' Angelo at these times and days: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 2pm and 5pm to 8pm.

Kuni and I went to Robinson's Galleria (Ortigas) yesterday and we tried Chef d' Angelo's Eat All You Can, since we are terribly starving because we slept the whole day (blame the cold weather!).

Moving on, I love pizza so I will start this short review with their pizza! Surprisingly, Chef d' Angelo's pizzas were good and yummy because their dough is really chewy and dense compared to Pizza Hut's greasy and airy dough. This is real pizza! Their dough's texture is pretty close to Sbarro's pan pizzas. I just wish that their pizza slices were bigger.

How about their salad? Their salad is crunchy and fresh, I ate lots of salad yesterday! Crunchy lettuce are really addicting. Their salad bar has black olives, carrots, and tomatoes... Don't worry there's a salad dressing available (Caesar dressing only). All you can eat = you can grab as many as you want! (Just make sure you will empty your plate or else you will be paying for it.)

How about their pasta? Everybody loves pasta! Chef d' Angelo's pasta is quite good, I think the quality is just right for its price (150php), so don't expect much. They have two pasta sauces to choose from: white and Hawaiian. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try their white sauce but their Hawaiian sauce is not that bad at all. 

What I hate? I am not pleased with the people who are eating there! Why? They don't really care to the next person who will be eating next or who will be using the serving spoons! The spoons are greasy and sticky... And they're not falling in line they will just stop and wait for the refill of the foods. How unorganized.

Chef d' Angelo staffs are organized and friendly. They even maintained their place neat. No comment at all! :D

Here's my plate!

Rating: Average 

The price is just right. You can eat as many as you like! (Again just make sure that you will finish everything on your plate!) Fresh green salad all you can, a healthy option for weight watchers and for people who are health conscious.


a13 said...

we'll try that "eat all you can" tomorrow lunch!!! excited!!!

Adrianne said...

Hi a13 sorry for the late response! Enjoy their yummy and chewy pizza (try their four cheese pizza, it was really good!)Enjoy! :D


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