Friday, July 01, 2011

Kalbi Korean BBQ To Go - Food Junction, Eastwood

Fastfood: Kalbi (Korean BBQ To Go)
Price Range: Php. 60.00 - 160.00

This is one my reasons why I want to go back to Eastwood Mall's Food Junction (not your ordinary food court!) Kalbi is a fusion of Korean and Mexican dishes which is pretty interesting...

Here's their menu:
Pretty cheap eh? So I assumed that the quality will be not that good... And I also thought that the serving will be terribly small again (like other fast food and restaurants that we know) But I was wrong! Read on...

I love burritos because they're heavy and delicious, so I ordered and tried their "Miso Glazed Chicken Burrito". Surprisingly, it was really good and delicious!

I was like "whoa!! o_o" then I started to drool. I never thought that it would be big (just like Taco Bell's). I was really fascinated to their burrito...

Because it has kimchi rice (which is my all time favourite!) and what else? Miso glazed chicken! I really like the taste of miso which is a bit salty and tangy. I never thought that miso can be matched with kimchi! Oh man, I will definitely go back and order this scrumptious burrito. Price: 140php

Then my husband tried their "Korean fish cake tacos" for only 65php!

Another tasty treat from Kalbi. Soft taco with fried fish cake topped with shredded cabbage, sesame seed, and some interesting sauce! :D

Not bad at all! It's healthy because each meal is loaded with veggies. Not only that it's quite heavy for the tummy. Oh man this is heaven~ Kalbi is now one of my favourites!

Rating: Five Stars!

I love Korean foods besides that Kalbi is healthy and heavy for the tummy. :D

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