Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Holy Cow! Steak Ranch and Amreican Grill - SM Megamall

Restaurant: Holy Cow! Steak Ranch & American Grill
Price Range: Php. 160.00 - 800.00

Last Monday Kuni and I were both craving for some beef steak. We wanted something new and something heavy for the tummy... So we strolled around SM Megamall's The Atrium since most of the restaurants located there are new.

We discovered....

Holy Cow! Steak Ranch & American Grill Located at the third level of SM Megamall's The Atrium

What caught our attention? They had this "Lunch at the Ranch" menu. The meals included in that menu were pretty cheap ranging from Php.160 to 300... but we didn't order anything from that category because something interesting caught our eyes and tastes buds. Something made us drool... 
We ordered....
Ranch Steak & Fish for Php.495

This meal was terrific! The steak was so tender, chewy, and juicy. You can even choose how you like your steak to be cooked (From rare to well done). I can say that their steak is really good because some steaks that I ate were very dry and hard to chew...

Here take a closer look at our steak:
Ranch Steak (Medium Rare)

If you love fried fish or fish fillets I'm pretty sure you'll like their fried fish with black sesame... Yes I said black sesame, kinda strange but it was really good especially with their salsa sauce (I think it's salsa).

Fried Fish w/ Black Sesame

I will definitely order this fish fillet again! It also perfectly matches their steamy rice (sorry I forgot the name... And it's not Java rice!)
This meal is good for two people! Oh well for stomachs like our the serving was just right for us. It also came  with stir fried veggies! So the meal is kinda complete but if you're vegetarian I will not suggest Holy Cow because they only serve very small portions of vegetables (a handful of veggies) and obviously their menu is loaded with steaks!

We also ordered mashed potato since as an extra rice substitute...

Mashed Potato for only Php.55

We didn't expect that their mashed potato to be this big! It was also good, Holy Cow's mashed potato is creamy and milky~ This is now one of the best mashed potato that I had tasted next to Vita Italiana (at Robinson's Metro East)

Since I love milkshakes so I ordered some... 

Cowpokes Choco Milkshake for Php.95

Unfortunately we didn't like their milkshake because it doesn't taste like milkshake... I mean if it's milkshake there should be ice cream to make the consistency creamy and thick. Their shake just tastes like an ordinary chocolate shake. Anyway, I love the combination of chocolate and cinnamon. I just hate the consistency because I was expecting it thick and creamy. 

How about the prices? Oh well it's a bit pricey but expect good quality and big portions. So I think the price is just right.

What I like? Almost everything. They serve good food, they serve quality foods, great servings, and right portions. Not only that they have these really relaxing ambiance they will make you feel like you're in Texas (TX). Their crew are also good, fast, polite, and friendly. No comment at all.

What I hate? Just that milkshake, please don't call it milkshake >___<"

Rating: Pretty Good!

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