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Mercato Centrale Adventure

Food Bazaar: Mercato Centrale
Price Range: Php. 200.00 - 500.00

02 April 2011: Our friend introduced Mercato Centrale to us. Mercato Centrale is located at the corner of 34th street and 8th avenue, Bonifacio Global City (Landmark: S&R). Quite a trip but I promise you lots of comforting and satisfying foods are waiting just for you!

Mercato Centrale has two big tents that time, each tent were filled with booths/stores that sell food (both indigenous and imported foods) and organic goodies! There are too many options to choose from! I will definitely go back to Mercato Centrale now that they added more booths and stores! Oh heaven.

This is the perfect place to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones! Come and visit them every Saturday and Sunday, 7am to 2pm.

Anyway, we went there for breakfast and it was hard for me choose because there were too many options so I just let my husband pick a meal for me.

Giga Bite Kebab: Chicken, Beef, and Shrimp Kebabs

Since both of us like eating kebab we ordered and tried those three yummy kebabs! For Php.170 you'll get one kebab, rice, a handful of veggies, pita, and hummus. Good deal right?

 Giga Bite Kebab: Shrimp Kebab Meal

Giga Bite Kebab: Chicken and Beef kebabs

Giga Bite Kebab: Hummus

Their kebabs was really good, tasty, and chewy especially their beef kebab! The steamed veggies were also good and a bit crunchy... But their rice is sticky and mushy (malabsa) so I am a bit disappointed with their rice. 

My husband also ordered 

Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers: Wine and Cheese Steak Sandwich

My husband loves to eat beef so he ordered this Angus beef marinated in wine sandwich with cream cheese on top. Unfortunately, I already forgot the price. Anyway, I like this sandwich it's chewy and the beef was great, I was also surprised that the beef goes well with wine as marinate. 

 Jam Foods: Angus Beef Tapa for Php.120

Our friend ordered Jam Foods' Tapsilog (Angus Beef Tapa). Everybody loves to eat tapa! You should try Jam Foods' Angus beef tapa it was really good! Thin slices of beef , it even looks like gyudon for me. The only thing I hate about it is... It tastes just like an ordinary beef tapa but it was really heavenly, melts in your mouth, and full of flavor.

For our pica-pica...

Chuck's Grubberie: Beer Battered Fish and Chips! 

This is not your ordinary fish and chips! It's lightly salted and battered that made the coating crisp... And the fish was really good and soft too! 

...But something is missing, something refreshing, something that really goes well with fish chips... BEER!

They have: Dory for Php.150, Snapper for Php.200, Mahi Mahi for Php.250, Orange Roughy for Php.300. We picked dory because we're almost full and we have something else to buy.

For dessert! (My favorite part :3)

Mochiko! Ice cream filled mochis. I made a research about them before we went there and this is one of the goodies that I saw and caught my attention.

They have many flavors to choose from: azuki (red beans), black sesame, green tea, strawberry, caramel, coffee, avocado, vanilla, chocolate, and many more! For only Php.70 

I love red beans so I ordered one yummy azuki mochi...

Mochiko's Azuki mochi Php70

It was really good and satisfying. Not too sweet and it also has red bean bits inside which made my sweet tooth satisfied!

Mochiko's Green tea mochi for Php.70

Our friend tried their green tea mochi, she said it was good as well! Oh man I love green tea but I love azuki beans more. I wasn't able to try it because I am too focused eating my azuki mochi! XD

Mochiko's Black Sesame mochi Php.70

My husband tried their black sesame mochi, I also tried it and surprisingly it was really good and it's not too sweet. Not only that, the smell was really tempting!

And then my husband saw... 

 Merry Moo's Candied Bacon

Merry Moo's Candied Bacon for Php 70 (I think)

Surprisingly, it was good, it tastes like cheese flavored ice cream (close enough), and it has bacons bits! Not too sweet and not too salty. 

Merry Moo's ice cream flavors were really interesting, they had many flavors to choose from! So if you're sick and tired of eating ordinary ice cream, it's time for you to try Merry Moo's ice cream. 

Flavors available that time: Earl grey tea, sea salt caramel, kahlua coffee, and french vanilla. I checked their site and I saw these other interesting flavors: rum and raisin, strawberry basil, apple cinnamon, and Aztec chocolate.

Moving on, I am a big fan of gelato so I ordered some... 

Gelati's Toasted Marshmallow

Gelati's Toasted Marshmallow

My bad, I already forgot the price! Anyway, I just tasted heaven and I was overwhelmed by its sweetness. The texture was creamy and thick. It's just too sweet but it was good I just love the texture.

Our friend ordered some red velvet cake for 150php from Cake Avenue. It was too foamy but the cream on top was good! 

It was fun! I will definitely go back there because I have more munchies to try! Mercato Centrale is for everybody!

Food Photo Section:

Little Miss OC's Kitchen

Little Miss OC's Kitchen: Plants vs. Zombie Cupcakes

 Little Miss OC's Kitchen: Plants vs. Zombie Cupcakes

Little Miss OC's Kitchen: Angry Birds Cupcake

OffBeat Cafe : Doughnut burger? (Doughnuts by Krispy Kreme)

OffBeat Cafe 

OffBeat Cafe: Ensaymada burger? 

Manna Specialty Bakery 

Manna Specialty Bakery 

Jap-OK! Tempura

Resty's Roast Beef

MORE food photos just for you! (Sorry guys but I already forgot the name of the stores XD)....

 Coffee Tiramisu 

Angry Birds Cookie Pops! 

Hungry? What are you waiting for! Go to Mercato Centrale every Saturday and Sunday, 7am to 2pm.

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